Frequently Asked Questions

1- How to clean ORCA® fabrics ?

Only regular care all guarantee durability and appearance of your ORCA® engineered fabric. You should clean ORCA® with a mild soap and water.

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2- When to clean ORCA® fabrics ?

At least once a month and before every winter, clean the fabric of your RIB with the range of products selected by ORCA® following the instructions set.

3- Why maintain the fabric of my boat with a range of cleaning ORCA® ?

Under certain conditions of use, or storage (wet or confined in non-breathable cover, presence of fat ...), brands of mold, algae or bacteria may occur. It should be treated as they arise, and imperatively, with products selected by ORCA®. Only these products have been tested in our lab.

4- How to install a drinking water NAUTA® Tank ?

Allows any air to escape that might have entered during the filling. Pumping should be done juste above the lowest point, which is the highest water level.
The tank must be maintained empty by its eyelets. Once filled, the tank is held in place by the walls surrounding it, and thus is no longer free. Installation of nipples is done in the same manner as for rigid tanks.

5- How to maintain the reservoirs NAUTA® ?

NAUTA® flexible tanks used for drinking water will operate more satisfactory if the following procedures are observed. Before putting in use for the first time, partly fill the tank with warm water (50°c) and a 1% solution of mild detergent. After a few mintes, rinse with clear water and fill it again with water treated with chlorine tablets (follow package instructions for a 5% concentration). Empty after 2 hours and carefully and thoroughly rinse with clear water. These cleaning operations should be performed with the system fully installed so that all the piping undergoes the same treatment.

When the tank will not be used for a long period (winter layup...), keep it partly filled with water and 10% of chlorine solution. Because it is not possible to completely evacuate the tank, this procedure best prevents the development of micro-organisms which could coat the inside and contribute to a bad taste in water.

Before returning the tank to service, follow the same procedure as used with a new tank. Even if using your tank constantly, this cleaning operation is recommended at 6 months interval. Do not forget that the pipes also contribute to the water's taste and should be involved in the regular cleaning process.

6- How to install a fuel tank NAUTA® ?

Filling and pumping from above the tank. When the tank is free and flat, pumping is done by suction. There is no air in the flexible tank. Straight nipples are used for flexible pipes arriving vertically. Filling and pumping with a bent nipples (45°). For flexible pipes arriving horizontally. Installation of two or more tanks at the same level. Each tank is connected directly to the pump and the drain with the aid of tees (parallel installation).

7- What is the guaranty on ORCA® fabrics ?

In addition to the legal guarantee for all our fabrics, please find herebelow the extended Guarantee conditions on ORCA® and ORCATHANE® fabrics.

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> Download ORCATHANE® Guaranty conditions <