Discover our Orca Cord solutions coated with : NR/SBR, CR or EPDM.
Orca Industry
Orca Cord Solution
06 - 2020

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1) What is the Orca® Cord solution?
Our Orca®cord are based on : Amarid - Polyamid - Polyaramid - Polyester coated with our specific formulation of rubber :

Orca cord are designed to resist to:

  • High pressure,
  • Strong Abrasion
  • Aggressive Chemical
  • Great Elongation
  • Hot & cold temperature


2) What is it used for?

Orca Cord solution can be used for a wide range of application such as:

    • Expansion Joints,
    • Lifting Bags,
    • Pipe Plugs,
    • Packers,
    • Inflatable Structures.


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