NAUTA® Flexible Tanks used for celebration of the first flight across the Mediterranean sea
Orca Tank
07 - 2013

At 5.47 am, on 1913/9/23th, Roland Garros took off from Frejus (France) on a Morane-Saulnier type G for the first flight across the Mediterranean sea. After 7H58 and 730 km flight, he landed at 1.45 pm in Bizerte (Tunisia).

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of this flight, Replic’Air and its partners (including Pennel & Flipo) flied the same route with the same airplane.

The plane was equipped with 2 additionnal tanks from our NAUTA® product range. Pennel & Flipo teams were glad to receive strong positive feed-back from the pilots.

Congratulations to all players and partners of this successful adventure!

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