The ORCA® Hardener improves adhesion strength of the  assemblies.

This Hardener developed especially for the bonding of Neoprene and Neoprene Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene water resistant materials, as used for inflatable floats and inflatable structures. When using neoprene glue, ORCA® GLUE, add 5% to 10% ORCA® HARNDENER RFE according to the quantity of ORCA® GLUE used. From 10 liters of mixed product, it is possible to improve the pot life of the adhesive by reducing the quantity of hardener to 5% in volume only.

Average characteristics :
Solvents : Ethyl Acetate
Color : Light yellow
NCO contents : Approximately 7,2%
Reactivity : Very hight
Package : Alu Tin - 800gr
Flammability : Flash point less than 21°C - Highly flammable
Storage : 12 months in its original sealed packaging stored in an environment at 18 ° C and ventilated
Cleaning: Neopren solvent

Processing :
The addition of ORCA® Hardener RFE improves significantly the adhesion, cohesion and mainly the heat resistance of the final bond. (Dilutable with hexane)

Orca Pennel & Flipo is certified

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