ORCA® T fabrics are certified according to most international fire resistance and toxicity standards for the mass transportation systems (DIN, NFF, UNI, NFPA, TSEN, BS, GOST...).

ORCA® T fabrics are engineered to guarantee durability, superior tear, puncture-, abrasion- and UV-resistance, along with excellent soundproofing.

Our range of ORCA® T Elastique fabrics is designed to offer good elongation and fatigue resistance to protect corners of the bellows.

ORCA T Elastic
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  • Base fabric : Polyester / cotton
  • Coating : Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene (CSM) one side
  • Tensile strength : ≥ 90 daN/5cm (W) / ≥ 20 daN/5cm (F)
  • Surfacic mass : 650 (±200) g/m²

Orca Pennel & Flipo is certified

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