ORCA® Cord: a specific range designed for inflatable structures, packers, pipe plugs, lifting bags, expansion joints or air springs that need to sustain high pressures and abrasion.

Pennel & Flipo dedicates large R&D resources to design and validate tailor-made solutions in ORCA® Cord fabrics. We are capable of developping new coated cords according to your requirements for burst pressure, abrasion resistance or processability.

Our specific formulations of rubber offer great values of adhesion onto the cord but also onto other compounds. As for example, our NR/SBR compound offers also good adhesion with polychloroprene (CR), EPDM or NBR rubber.

We process first quality raw materials that allows us to offer a strong ratio weight/ tensile strength.

  • NR/SBR
  • CR (neoprene)
  • NBR (nitril butadiene)
  • SBR (styrene butadiene)
  • other...
Tensile strength (daN/5cm)
  • ≤500
  • 500-1000
  • 1000-2500
  • 2500-5000
  • 5000-7500
  • ≥7500

Orca Pennel & Flipo is certified

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