Pennel & Flipo has developped a large range of uncured NBR/NPVC sheets, in several thicknesses, to be used in manufacturing products with uncured ORCA® fabrics.

These sheets has been developed to ensure best adhesion with uncured ORCA® fabrics when vulcanized by press or autoclave, along with top ageing properties.

F.TECH uncured NBR Sheet
  • Uncured Sheet
  • thicknesses: 0.3mm - 0.6mm - 0.7mm - 1.2mm
F.TECH uncured NPVC Sheet
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  • Uncured Sheet
  • thicknesses: 0.42mm - 0.5mm - 0.6mm - 0.7mm - 1mm - 1.2mm - 1.4mm - 3mm
  • Can be used for Flexible Oil Tanks.
NATO Green

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