The NAUTA® fittings are waterproof and easy to install.

We have designed a comprehensive range of nylon fittings to be used only on NAUTA® tanks. Each type of fittings is composed of 3 parts which ensure together with the rubber seal and the rubber coated fabric a complete tightness.

The necessary fitting for self-installation at the most suitable location on the tank wall. Generally, vent fittings are required on holding or gas tanks (not required on water), should be postioned at the higher end of the tank, while draw fittings are best located at the lower end.

Under no condition should fittings be installed on the bottom side of the tank. All fittings should be installed in the top half of the tank, no closer than 10cm to the edge and not through a seam doubler.

1 year warranty coverage


Orca Pennel & Flipo is certified

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